Month: August 2018

Were You Hoping For A Holiday-Ready, Complete Smile?

Yes, we are just saying goodbye to August and are looking forward to all that September has to offer. For some, this means we still have an entire month before we actually have to start planning for travel, meals, parties, and all of the wondrous amount of fun (and organizing) that the holiday season requires!… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: 3 Details You’ll Probably Enjoy Learning

If you’re not extremely familiar with wisdom teeth, then you may find yourself feeling quite lacking in the education department as it applies to your potential need for wisdom teeth removal. Will you require it? Won’t you? Does everyone need it? Fortunately, by learning about just a few details from our Austin, MN team, you… Read more »

It Hurts To Chew! What Do I Do?

As you know, when certain types of pain crop up, it usually means that it’s time to see our Austin, MN team for dental care. In fact, when most types of discomfort make themselves known, it’s usually best to run the symptom by us during a dental visit to ensure all is well. So, when… Read more »

Symptoms: Sorting Out The Confusion With A Q&A

There are lots of things you think you know about oral health symptoms. While you might be getting some or most of them right, it’s possible you’ve got a bit of misinformation in the mix. What does this mean for your smile care journey exactly, you might wonder? Well, our Austin, MN team wants to… Read more »

The Many Ways We Help Protect Your Smile

We provide our patients with comprehensive general smile care in the form of preventive dentistry. If you’re already well aware of what this encompasses, then you’ve got quite a lot of dental knowledge stored away! If you’re surprised by the notion that prevention is complex (after all, doesn’t it just include cleanings, you wonder?), then… Read more »