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You Don’t Have To Live With TMJ Disorder

If you frequently wake up with headaches, pain, or swelling of your jaw, you may have TMJ disorder. This is a condition that happens when your jaw joints do not fit properly. There are several causes for this condition, and your Potach and Mitchell dental team can help diagnose and treat the problem. In today’s… Read more »

Give Your Jaw A Rest With An Oral Appliance

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Do you notice that your jaw is a little tight or sore in the morning? This can be a sign of a common sleep disorder known as bruxism, and it can lead to some problem changes within your smile if you do not treat your condition. If you are struggling with your overnight teeth grinding,… Read more »

An Oral Appliance Can Help Your Rest

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Do you struggle with your nightly rest? Sleep disorders are common and some of the more troublesome of these relate directly to your oral health. Your overnight teeth grinding is a condition known as bruxism and without proper treatment, this disorder can cause significant enamel erosion. Sometimes bruxism can relate to another complaint relating to… Read more »

Could A Mouthguard Relieve Your Headaches?

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Chewing or grinding of the teeth is a very common habit seen in patients, and for the most part it doesn’t become a medical issue. But for some, this activity can lead to serious issues with the teeth and the jaw. Bruxism, the medical term for persistent teeth grinding, can alter the shape of the… Read more »

Oral Conditions Can Affect Your Sleep

When you think about oral health conditions, cavities and gum disease probably come to mind. Cavities are the most common oral health issue, and they affect nearly every adult at some point. If you notice tooth pain or black spots on your teeth, you may be able to spot cavities. If your gums are red… Read more »

TMJ Strain And The Holidays: What To Do?

How’s your TMJ disorder holding up? Have you been wearing an oral appliance for some time and you’re pleased to announce that things are fantastic? If you’re shaking your head from side to side because you have not followed through with receiving professional care, you’re feeling extra worried because you seem to have extra aggravation… Read more »

Does Your Jaw Hurt? Learn About TMJ Disorder

In addition to common concerns like tooth decay and gingivitis, there are many other things that can affect the state of your oral health, the quality of your bite’s function, and more. For example, if your jaw hurts constantly, especially when you open and close it, then the issue is likely something beyond a cavity… Read more »

TMJ Problems: Keep These Halloween Tips Handy

During most of the year, taking care of your smile isn’t too difficult. Caring for your TMJ disorder when you find out that it’s affecting you isn’t too tall an order either! However, when certain days like Halloween roll around, it can present you with some challenges you don’t necessarily know how to deal with…. Read more »