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Renew Your Smile With A New Dental Implant

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When your dentist gives you a diagnosis that requires the extraction of one or more of your natural teeth, you might find yourself overwhelmed at your options in prosthodontic repair. From appliance-based techniques such as dental bridges to a removable partial denture, there is a variety of choices available to suit your specific smile need…. Read more »

A Path Forward After An Extraction

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Since our adult set is permanent, the loss of one or more of your existing teeth can feel like a significant step back in your ongoing oral health journey. However, there are times when this is the safest move for the longevity of your smile. If your dentist has recommended the removal of one of… Read more »

What Getting Implants Is Really Like

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If you’ve thought about getting dental implants, you might try to really envision what it is like to go through the procedure. But sometimes it can be difficult to imagine the steps necessary to have a new tooth or set of teeth placed. So today, your Austin, MN dentist answers some of your questions about… Read more »

Fixed Dentures May Be Right For You

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Implants can be prohibitively expensive, while traditional dentures have serious drawbacks. Loose fits or a fit that changes over time, cleaning, or just flat out having them fall out while you are speaking! Fixed dentures, also known as implant-supported or “all-on-4” dentures, are prosthetic devices for those in need of a whole new set of… Read more »

What Advantages Do Dental Implants Offer?

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When you lose teeth, this could lead to problems for the stability and health of your smile, not to mention the overall beauty too. But to address these gaps, and help prevent further tooth loss, we could recommend a durable and long-lasting replacement option. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists talk about implant dentistry.

Will Implant Dentures Improve My Smile?

Everyone likes a sure thing, but there’s not a lot in life that can be guaranteed. However, the decision to get implant dentures in Austin, MN has very few downsides, and a consultation appointment can help us establish with you whether the solidly anchored and attractive option of implant dentures is right for you. If… Read more »

Implants Are a Secret Weapon for Dentures

Addressing tooth loss is a matter of choosing the right dental prosthetic for the job. The prosthetic you choose will come down to the nature of your tooth loss, as well as your budget. If you’ve lost many or all of the teeth on one of your dental ridges (top or bottom), dentures might be… Read more »

Your Checklist Before Placing Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most effective way to recover from tooth loss. That’s because only dental implants recreate the root structure that makes your teeth so strong and stable. Other dental prosthetics can look the part and function well to an extent, but dental implants offer a complete restoration. So why would you choose anything… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Help Restore Several Missing Teeth?

While the loss of a single tooth can become a serious problem for your smile and oral health, losing several teeth can lead to even more embarrassment, and more functional difficulties. At our Austin, MN dental office, we have experience restoring the smiles of patients who have significant oral health concerns. If your problems include… Read more »