Month: May 2019

When You Worry Whitening Won’t Be An Option

When your dream is a whiter smile but you fear that the reality of your grin leaves you a poor match for traditional teeth whitening, you may feel too worried to come in to learn more. As our Austin, MN team would direct you in nearly any situation: Don’t give up! Instead, come see us!… Read more »

Your Flossing: 3 Things That Should Not Be True

There are some things you may know are true about flossing your smile as part of your daily and long-term dental hygiene and oral health protection! You know it’s important. You know it should happen every day. You know we suggest it. With that said, you may not be quite so clear on things that… Read more »

5 Steps To Actually Enjoying Your Dental Hygiene

Guess what? There’s not just one suggestion out there that will help you feel much better about your daily dental hygiene experience. While you may not feel very hopeful at the current moment, our Austin, MN team is happy to report that there are actually lots and lots of things you can do in order… Read more »