Month: January 2020

Oral Conditions Can Affect Your Sleep

When you think about oral health conditions, cavities and gum disease probably come to mind. Cavities are the most common oral health issue, and they affect nearly every adult at some point. If you notice tooth pain or black spots on your teeth, you may be able to spot cavities. If your gums are red… Read more »

Restore the Color of Your Teeth

Chances are, your teeth have experienced some staining throughout your life. They probably aren’t as white as they used to be, and that’s okay. The enamel on the surfaces of your teeth is porous. That means that tiny pigment molecules can become trapped in the surface, creating discoloration over time. You don’t have to live… Read more »

Do You Believe in Your Smile?

Do you hide your smile when you’re in social settings? You may not even realize you’re doing it because you’ve become so comfortable from keeping those teeth concealed. If your teeth have cosmetic issues that are causing you to shrink in social and professional settings, then it’s time to make a change. Cosmetic dentistry treatments… Read more »

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth as They Grow

The health of your child’s teeth is important for their oral health and their overall health. Small infections in your child’s teeth and gums can end up having ramifications for the rest of their body. That’s why it’s important to help your child keep up with their oral health, and to help them build positive… Read more »

Schedule Your 2020 Dentist Appointments Now

Did you make it to two dentist appointments last year? You should be visiting the dentist every six months to check up on the state of your oral health. Scheduling appointments at this interval is typically enough to prevent any major oral health problems from developing. Plus, almost every dental insurance plan covers these biannual… Read more »