Dental Exams

Scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings can help us keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. When it comes to exams, when you visit us, the dentist will visually inspect your teeth, gums, tongue, and other oral tissues. We often use dental technology to fully evaluate your oral health and pinpoint issues that the naked eye may miss. For example, digital x-rays can produce high-res images of oral structures, and the DIAGNOdent system detects increased risks of cavity development, sometimes before it even appears! By catching dental issues early, we can help you avoid the need for other services, such as dental fillings, root canal treatments, and restorative dentistry options.

Oral Cancer Screening

More than 50,000 Americans experience oral or oropharyngeal cancer each year. Many times, cancer can develop without showing significant outward signs. A patient may not even experience pain related to the cancer. That’s why it is important to conduct an oral cancer screening during your dental exam. Catching cancer early reduces the risk of it spreading. The dentist will conduct a comprehensive check in your mouth for developments like sores, ulcers, wounds, or lesions.

While at home, if you notice any abnormalities in your mouth—such as red or white patches, rough spots, painful or tender lips, or difficulty chewing or swallowing—please schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible so we can investigate the issues further.

Schedule Your Dental Exams With Us Today

Our dental exams and oral cancer screenings are designed to keep your teeth healthy and to help you maintain a beautiful smile. To learn more, call the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic at (507) 437-6312.