Go Ahead! Get Dental Implants In The New Year!

What are you planning on counting your way down toward besides the new year? Of course, we are planning on welcoming in 2019 but just like everyone else, you have probably been asking yourself what you’d really love to accomplish once it arrives. If you are missing teeth and we have a say, well, we suggest going ahead and getting started on those dental implants you have been considering, thinking about, mulling over, but not actually truly pursuing just yet. If you need motivation more than you need our brief suggestion, our Austin, MN team is full of the inspiring tidbits you need to get started!


Tricks For Knowing When To Replace Hygiene Products

You know that you can’t use the same toothbrush every day forever and ever. At some point, you have to say goodbye to it, toss it into the wastebasket, and start anew. You also know that your dental floss will run out someday … but when? Then there’s your toothpaste collection. You wonder if the one you found in the very back of your drawer is still okay to use even though you can barely remember even buying it! Our Austin, MN practice has the easy suggestions you need in order to keep your dental hygiene selection up to date and effective.


We Can Help You Address Those Frustrating Teeth Stains

Sometimes, frustrating teeth stains can build up despite your efforts to keep your teeth clean and healthy. If you try and make improvements with a store bought whitening product, you may feel that the effort leads to relatively minor changes. So what can you do to make your smile truly white and bright? Your Austin, MN dentist’s office can talk to you about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment. Because your dentist has access to bleaching agents that are stronger than what you can find in over the counter products, you can see more impressive changes made to your teeth. Because you can choose between a treatment you take home, and one that is performed at the office, you can look forward to real convenience from this cosmetic procedure! (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Mess Around With Gum Disease

Do you really know much about why our Austin, MN team consistently does our best not only to help you avoid tooth decay but also to ensure you are avoiding gum disease, too? When this is a problem you’ve never experienced before and a topic for which you’re not full of information, you may have a hard time feeling very concerned about it. Let us help you feel more proactive about protecting your gums! You’ll certainly be happy about it down the road.


Let’s Have A Quick Chat About Prevention

It is most certainly time to have a quick chat about preventive dental care. Why is it time, you ask? Well, because the topic of prevention is always relevant and, as the year winds down, this is something of which we need to remind you! Perhaps you’re under the illusion that you can back off from your usual habits, that prevention is for “some but not others,” or that you may as well just rely on restorative care instead if a problem arises. To all of this, our Austin, MN team reminds you: In the world of dental care, prevention is your best friend! Find out more.


Thanksgiving: Foods That Support Healthy Smiles!

As you know, there’s a list a mile long of foods that are oh so delicious, which you can find at your Turkey Day celebration, that might not be so great for your smile health. If you decide to pile your plate high with apple pie, cookies, fudge, and cranberry sauce, you’re aiming for the development of cavities (and stains, too!). So, what exactly can you eat that is going to support your smile without causing you to worry that you’re attacking your oral health? Not to worry: Some time-honored favorites our Austin, MN team is happy to share with you are actually quite wonderful for your teeth and gums!


Tooth Decay: 3 Responses And 3 Possible Outcomes

Let’s say you come in to our Austin, MN practice and we discover that you have tooth decay. “Don’t worry!” we tell you. “If you treat it soon, a dental filling will fix your smile right up.” Now, you have some choices before you. You may decide to come right in to take care of that cavity! Or, you may wait. As you know, the decision is yours. As you likely already know, the outcome is highly dependent on when you decide to schedule. Let’s talk about some potential responses and outcomes, so you quickly see that immediate care is always the best way to go.