Refine Your Smile to Look Your Best

Cosmetic dentistry treatment is designed to create an idyllic smile that gives you confidence. When you love the appearance of your smile, you’re more likely to show it off. Many individuals experience small defects in the appearance of their smile, but those defects don’t have to last forever. Cosmetic treatment can refine the appearance of your smile to help you look your best. Many cosmetic treatments are non-invasive, and require just a short treatment timetable. One of those treatments is dental bonding and contouring. With only small adjustments to the enamel of your teeth, your dentist can produce an incredible smile. (more…)

Can Dental Implants Help Restore Several Missing Teeth?

While the loss of a single tooth can become a serious problem for your smile and oral health, losing several teeth can lead to even more embarrassment, and more functional difficulties. At our Austin, MN dental office, we have experience restoring the smiles of patients who have significant oral health concerns. If your problems include the loss of several teeth, we can talk to you about using dental implants to keep your dental restorations secure. While it is common to have individual dental implants placed to hold single tooth restorations, these supportive posts can also serve as support for a larger prosthetic, like a full denture. (more…)

Talk to Your Dentist About Dental Implants

Tooth loss isn’t selective; it can affect nearly everyone, and for a wide range of different reasons. It can also have a significant impact on your oral health if it does occur, and addressing the loss of your teeth as soon as possible is the best way to mitigate that impact. At our Austin, MN, dental office, we can custom-design an appropriate tooth replacement plan to rebuild your smile with highly lifelike results. That includes the addition of dental implants to replace the roots of your lost teeth, which helps you prevent one of the biggest consequences of tooth loss. (more…)

TMJ Strain And The Holidays: What To Do?

How’s your TMJ disorder holding up? Have you been wearing an oral appliance for some time and you’re pleased to announce that things are fantastic? If you’re shaking your head from side to side because you have not followed through with receiving professional care, you’re feeling extra worried because you seem to have extra aggravation during the holiday season, and you’re not sure how to move forward … we have good news. You can quickly sort out the details, get your jaw joints in much safer condition, and feel just as joyful as you would like about the upcoming winter season. As for how, our Austin, MN has the tips you need!


Your Toothpaste Choices: Great Idea Or Awful Idea?

The big, wide world of toothpaste can occasionally cause you to look up from your usual selection and wonder: Am I missing something? Is that advertised feature really something that will work for me? Am I making a great choice for my oral health or a really awful one? We know that the shelves filled with product can seem easy enough to maneuver, until you find that you have questions piling upon even more questions about what is and is not okay for your dental hygiene. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as our Austin, MN team is always ready to help you navigate your smile care!


Sometimes, The Smile Care Answer Is: Write It Down! 

There are areas of smile care that can become challenging … that don’t have to cause even a tiny bit of frustration. What is our Austin, MN team talking about, you wonder? Today, we would love to remind patients that while it may seem as though keeping up with your care might seem fraught with forgetfulness (and difficulty with attention to detail), there’s actually an exceptionally simple solution. In a shocking number of situations, the answer is going to be: Write it down! Let’s explore some scenarios in which this fully applies and you’ll start to see what we mean.


Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do You Need It Or Not?

Sleep apnea is a confusing disorder, when you have not yet been diagnosed. Why is that? Well, our Austin, MN team reminds you that it’s something that occurs when you’re sleeping. Other people around you may see and witness what’s happening. However, here’s the issue: When you’re sleeping, your throat tissues collapse, you suddenly breathe in (thanks to your brain recognizing the problem), you make loud noises in the process, you breathe, and you go back to sleep. You probably won’t remember it in the morning (even though it can happen many times). So, where to go from here, if you’re dealing with under-the-radar concern? Allow us to help!