Smile Care: Alternatives For Stuff You Really Dislike

Sometimes, even though you know that you should be taking care of your smile in a particular way, there’s something about that task that you really, really dislike. What are you supposed to do in this instance? Force yourself through a generally unbearable chore in the name of oral health protection? Or, should you just skip it, cross your fingers, and hope for the best? Of course, if you ask our Austin, MN team about how to move forward, the answer is a simple one! Always keep up with prevention! Just remember to make changes along the way by seeking out alternatives that will make you smile and help you protect your smile!


4 Ways Your Toothbrush Cannot Work For You

On one hand, you know that your toothbrush can work in amazing ways on your behalf! After all, it makes up the majority of your daily cleansing power, which helps you avoid cavities, prevent the otherwise very quick development of discoloration, and more. With that said, our Austin, MN team reminds you that even though your bristles and brush handle will help you accomplish quite a lot in terms of smile health protection, it’s certainly no magic wand! Ensure you’re using your brush for its purposes (and not expecting anything extra), so you know you’re putting your grin in good hands.


When You Think: “I Wish My Smile Looked Better!” 

Have you ever looked in the mirror, stared at a photo of yourself, or simply thought about your smile and instantly reacted with the thought: I wish my smile looked better? If so, how did you follow that thought? Did you feel a little upset and then sweep those feelings under the rug for a while? If you’re tired of feeling unenthusiastic if not plain bad about the way your smile is looking, then our Austin, MN team encourages you to recognize something very important! We can help you pinpoint what is wrong, how to fix the problems, and how to arrive at a smile you’re thrilled with, through the help of dental care. Find out a bit more to get started!


Why Your Denture Hurts (And What To Do ASAP)! 

One day, you may find that you’re having a perfectly normal, comfortable experience with your smile and that all is well. The next? Out of what you assume is the clear blue, your full or partial denture stars to cause you discomfort. It may be some rubbing, serious pain, pressure, or otherwise. The fact of the matter is: It’s not good! While you may feel unsure about how to proceed, our Austin, MN team can tell you in no uncertain terms, your discomfort means something isn’t quite right and you need to see us! As for the particulars, let’s saunter our way through them with you.


Your Tooth Decay Prevention: It’s Only Complete If…

In short, our Austin, MN team would like to remind you that your tooth decay prevention is only complete if you’re checking off every single task that you are required to follow in order to stop cavities from forming! With that said, however, you may wonder: What’s on this list and is it hard to accomplish? As for the degree to which you will be required to put forth effort, we are always happy to report to patients that the preventive care needed to stop decay from showing up is actually very easy and not quite as complex as you might assume. Learn more!


Why An Extraction Isn’t The “Bad” Thing You Think It Is

You might have lots of thoughts and emotions connected with the dental extraction you have recently learned you require. However, it’s possible that not a single one of them includes anything positive. Instead, you may feel like having your tooth removed is something that’s “bad” in more ways than one. You may worry about the way it will feel, what happens once the tooth is gone, and more! While we can absolutely understand why your thought process might lean this way, our Austin, MN team strongly encourages you to leave some room for a new perspective. The truth is: Extractions aren’t exactly what you think! Find out more!


What to Know When a Tooth Needs Extraction

Thanks to the advanced state of today’s dental health care, tooth loss has become much less of an overall concern. However, there are still times when it’s inevitable, such as when you have to have a tooth extracted due to a severe dental health condition. At our Austin, MN, dental office, we only recommend tooth extraction when absolutely necessary to preserve the rest of your oral health. We’ll also help you restore your smile’s health, appearance, and function by recommending an appropriate course of action afterward, such as replacing the tooth with a lifelike dental implant and crown. (more…)