Protect Your Smile From Stains!

Wine Austin MNOver the years, your teeth take a lot of damage. The foods we eat can stain them, and we are constantly exposing them to various materials that can cause damage to your enamel. 

Tobacco use is another major cause of tooth discoloration, or drinking coffee or red wine. Or you could be lacking certain vitamins, causing splotches, or places that appear translucent.

Over the course of a lifetime, it can be difficult to maintain a bright, clear smile. Today, your Austin, MN dentist explains some common sources of tooth discoloration and how to best protect your smile, both inside and out!

Why Do We Still Have Wisdom Teeth?

Teeth Austin MNWe only hear about wisdom teeth when there are issues with them. They don’t appear to do too much good even when they are healthy. So why do we have them? If we are evolving, are our mouths as well?

It is easier to recognize if there are issues with your wisdom teeth if you know their history and  their biological function. It is important to keep a baseline of your body’s mechanisms, in order to properly identify if it is not working properly.

Today, your Austin, MN dentist touches on the biology behind wisdom teeth so that you can properly monitor yours!


Ignore Flossing At Your Own Risk!

Floss Austin MNEvery time you see an oral health professional, you are surely reminded to keep to a strict oral health regimen. This certainly includes twice-daily brushing and an oral rinse. But also comes the one that patients dread the most: flossing.

Maybe it’s the time, or any pain with flossing gums that have not been cared for, but people seem particularly averse to keeping to a strict flossing regimen. Today, your Austin, MN dentist practically begs you to floss. It can save your teeth, and even stabilize the jawbone!


The Connections Between Heart And Mouth

Heart Teeth Austin MNMany people view their dental health as primarily cosmetic. If they are able to hide a problem, then maybe it doesn’t matter. They do this with a different smile or a different manner of speech.

And some others think that the health of the mouth is localized. They think that oral health only affects the mouth, or maybe the head, as well.

But your teeth play a significant role in how healthy your heart can be, as well. Today, your Austin, MN dentist discusses how the two are connected, and how science is finding new ties everyday.

Tooth Alignment Has Never Been So Easy!

Aligner Austin MNClear aligners, a technology that has become incredibly popular for the past two decades, have helped millions to correct their smiles. These have become well-used as an option for those looking for a little more subtlety.

Maybe over the years a tooth or two have become more and more crooked. This is not only a cosmetic issue, as well. Any overlap can become an issue with tooth collision or bacterial infection.

Today, your Austin, MN dentist writes about how straightening your smile is more accessible than ever. There’s no use putting it off any longer! (more…)

Fixed Dentures May Be Right For You

Fixed Denture Austin MNImplants can be prohibitively expensive, while traditional dentures have serious drawbacks. Loose fits or a fit that changes over time, cleaning, or just flat out having them fall out while you are speaking!

Fixed dentures, also known as implant-supported or “all-on-4” dentures, are prosthetic devices for those in need of a whole new set of teeth.These are designed to attach to the jaw surgically, creating a permanent solution for replacement teeth.

Today, your Austin, MN dentist discusses whether this procedure might be your best solution!