Porcelain Veneers Can Offer Smile Transformation

austin porcelain veneersWe recently looked at teeth whitening and dental bonding, and how these treatments can improve smile beauty. But what if one treatment could offer the benefits of both? With porcelain veneers, we can transform the shape and color of the teeth at once. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists talk about the benefits of our custom porcelain veneers and how these can transform the appearance of your smile!


You Don’t Have To Live With TMJ Disorder

Austin, MN dentist offers TMJ treatment

If you frequently wake up with headaches, pain, or swelling of your jaw, you may have TMJ disorder. This is a condition that happens when your jaw joints do not fit properly. There are several causes for this condition, and your Potach and Mitchell dental team can help diagnose and treat the problem. In today’s blog, read why you should not put off your symptoms and how a simple solution can help.


Reach A Brighter Smile In 2024!

brighter smile austin mnOver time, the things that you eat and drink can leave lasting reminders on the surface of your teeth. These can be really difficult to remove on your own, and overbleaching can lead to concerns with the strength of your enamel, causing dentin sensitivity. If you have been looking for a way to improve the quality of your smile, talk to our team about whether teeth whitening is right for you.

At our helpful dental office in Austin, MN, we can be the trusted team to help you reach a brighter smile in the new year. Make the effort to schedule your next semiannual examination, and while you are in the dental chair, talk to your dentist about whitening your teeth. Over-the-counter products can pose more problems than give solutions when used improperly, so you want to start with an examination to help you better understand your smile. Make an appointment and talk to our team about whitening your smile! (more…)

Dental Cleanings And Screenings

Visit Potach & Mitchell for your next cleanings

Have you ever wondered why you have to see the dentist twice a year? When you keep up with your oral hygiene, this may feel like a redundant task. However, these preventive measures are a way to monitor for early signs of problems like cavities, gingivitis, and oral cancer. At Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN, we are here today to tell you the benefits of maintaining your regular appointment schedule.