It Hurts To Chew! What Do I Do?

As you know, when certain types of pain crop up, it usually means that it’s time to see our Austin, MN team for dental care. In fact, when most types of discomfort make themselves known, it’s usually best to run the symptom by us during a dental visit to ensure all is well. So, when you notice that chewing causes you pain, we encourage you to avoid crossing your fingers, hoping for the best, and assuming it will go away. Instead, tell us! It is likely something that, if we address it right away, we can stop while we prevent additional complications from following. Curious about what could be going on? Consider some frequent causes of discomfort as you make your way through a snack or meal!


Symptoms: Sorting Out The Confusion With A Q&A

There are lots of things you think you know about oral health symptoms. While you might be getting some or most of them right, it’s possible you’ve got a bit of misinformation in the mix. What does this mean for your smile care journey exactly, you might wonder? Well, our Austin, MN team wants to ensure you have the details straight, so you know for certain that you’re on a clear, solid path toward always keeping your smile safe, well, and protected. With some quick answers to the questions we hear oh so often, you’ll have all the (clarified) information you need!


The Many Ways We Help Protect Your Smile

We provide our patients with comprehensive general smile care in the form of preventive dentistry. If you’re already well aware of what this encompasses, then you’ve got quite a lot of dental knowledge stored away! If you’re surprised by the notion that prevention is complex (after all, doesn’t it just include cleanings, you wonder?), then it might be time to take a closer look at all that we offer at our Austin, MN practice. You might be surprised to discover that when we mention offering complete care to help you protect your oral tissues, we really mean it!


Dental Implants: Simple Prep Details To Consider First

Before you hop on board the dental implants train (though there are certainly some stellar reasons to do so), you might want to take a step back. What are you getting yourself into? As for the benefits to your oral health, this is a very wise decision. However, it’s also absolutely key that you are certain you’re prepared for all of it, including a process that is quite different from receiving a traditionally supported device like a bridge without implant support. Think that you know what to expect? Allow our Austin, MN practice to make sure that’s the case!


The Small Spaces In Your Smile: Are You Stuck With Them?

When you look in the mirror and all that you see, instead of your lovely smile, is those little spaces that are between your teeth, you’re in trouble. You don’t love your grin. Instead, you feel distracted by the gaps and you wish that your teeth were flush with one another. Maybe you just have a gap between two teeth. Maybe you have a lot of spaces that end up causing your teeth to look “skinny” to you. It doesn’t matter. Why not? Well, because there are cosmetic dentistry treatments that will solve your problem. Learn more about them with ease by considering some initial details and then, of course, by taking time for a cosmetic visit with us in Austin, MN.


Toothpaste: Let’s Cover The Facts Causing You Stress

When you think you’ve sort of got the facts all hammered out regarding your dental hygiene but you’ve got questions that continue on a daily basis without answer, it can make you feel uneasy about your efforts. Of course, in the world of your home dental care, what you want is to feel exceptionally confident, so you can breeze on through these essential tasks with the knowledge that you’re accomplishing just what you’re trying to achieve: To keep your smile clean and healthy. Without further ado, let’s talk about some of those major causes of stress that are oh so easy to resolve regarding your toothpaste use.


Improving Your Smile Can Increase Your Confidence

What motivates people to seek out cosmetic dental treatment? The decision to make esthetic improvements can happen at different stages of a person’s life, and inspired by different reasons. Some people want to fix a recent issue, such as visible damage to a tooth, or teeth. Others have long felt self-conscious about a conspicuous problem, and are ready to make positive changes. You may be interested in having work done because an important upcoming event. Cosmetic dental work can offer great improvements to how you look. These procedures can also offer an important confidence boost, which can have a positive effect on the quality of your life. If you have an interest in cosmetic work, reach out to your Austin, MN dental practice to learn how a treatment can benefit you! (more…)