Month: February 2018

2 Things You Don’t Realize About Implants

There are some things you may know very well about dental implants. If you’ve already spoken with us about them, then you know they can replace the entirety of the tooth you lost, not just the crown! While the knowledge of their function is something you may not be short on, there may be other… Read more »

Extractions: Wondering When You May Require One?

You might wonder when you would need a tooth extraction. Sometimes, it’s something that you don’t see coming but you suddenly need it. Other times, it’s not a surprise at all because your tooth has been problematic for some time. Let’s examine these categories, so you can gain a clearer sense of when removal becomes… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Know Your Saliva?

Do you know much about your saliva? Are you certain about what its purpose is in your mouth or have you never really given it much thought? Today is the day to take a moment to consider why this is an essential part of your oral health and what might happen should you find yourself… Read more »

Restorative Care: Why Fix My Smile?

You might think about the cavity in your tooth and figure it’s no big deal. Lots of people get cavities and you didn’t even realize you had one. So, you can certainly wait a while until you get around to worrying about restorative care, right? Maybe you have a cracked tooth or an infection and… Read more »