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Something New In Your Mouth? Let Us Know!

We know our own mouths pretty well. That’s why when you notice a new bump, or a sore spot, it’s hard to leave it alone. Unless you are a bit of an acrobat, however, it can be hard to get a good view of exactly what’s going on. Some things are fairly simple. You may… Read more »

The Many Ways We Help Protect Your Smile

We provide our patients with comprehensive general smile care in the form of preventive dentistry. If you’re already well aware of what this encompasses, then you’ve got quite a lot of dental knowledge stored away! If you’re surprised by the notion that prevention is complex (after all, doesn’t it just include cleanings, you wonder?), then… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Smoking?

You might overlook the very long list of problems that come with smoking cigarettes and how they affect your oral health. On one hand, you have probably heard about a lot of negative things that can happen to your health over time if you choose to use tobacco. However, when you hear the details laid… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Important Facts

It’s the oral health problem that nobody is very interested in thinking about but that can become quite devastating when overlooked. Oral cancer is certainly not a light topic but there’s some good information to be gathered that can help you feel confident about caring for your mouth. Ready for that good news right away?… Read more »

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a particularly dangerous cancer, not because it is stronger or more difficult to treat but because it often goes undetected by the patient until it has metastasized (spread). People aren’t often looking for oral cancers in their mouth. They brush and floss and gargle and that is normally the extent of their… Read more »