Month: October 2019

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do You Need It Or Not?

Sleep apnea is a confusing disorder, when you have not yet been diagnosed. Why is that? Well, our Austin, MN team reminds you that it’s something that occurs when you’re sleeping. Other people around you may see and witness what’s happening. However, here’s the issue: When you’re sleeping, your throat tissues collapse, you suddenly breathe… Read more »

Your Stained Smile: What’s Going On 

When you look in the mirror and you smile, what can you say about the shade of your teeth? Do you have a very white smile? Or, do you realize that when you compare the current vibrancy of your teeth to what they once were, your smile is stained? If you’re dealing with discoloration, then… Read more »

Repair Teeth Or Dental Work For These Reasons

You are already well aware that the main reason you should say yes to dental work that repairs your smile (or that you should say yes to repairing damaged work you have already received) is that it helps you protect your grin. It lets you enjoy a complete, structurally sound smile that helps support your… Read more »