Don’t Fall This Fall (Or Winter): Tips For Keeping Your Teeth!

You know that we offer dental implants, which will most certainly get you out of a serious jam, when you have lost one or more teeth and you need replacements. Furthermore, implants offer an exceptional route toward recovering your complete smile, which means you get to feel like you again, as your usual daily life goes back to normal (and your smile looks and feels the way it should). With that said, it would be even more wonderful to avoid tooth loss! Did you ever realize that there are some particularly serious hazards that crop up this time of year? Enjoy the cooler months without losing your teeth with our Austin, MN team’s helpful advice!

Halloween: Light The Way!

It’s nice to know that you have dental implants on your side, should you ever need them. Of course, the last thing that’s on your mind over Halloween is the fact that you may end up needing to see us for tooth replacements! However, that’s just what you’ll be headed toward if you aren’t careful not only with eating too much tough and chewy candy but also if you forget to light the way, as you head to parties or go trick or treating! Remember that all it takes is one trip, fall, and face plant to lose or severely damage a tooth. Use a flashlight. Ditch the face mask as you’re walking. Just be careful, so you don’t accidentally fall and ruin not only your night but also your current smile in the meantime!

Icy Conditions: Prepare And Take Caution

We remind you that another common cause of falling and tooth loss is slipping during icy conditions. Take the proper precautions (ahem: mindful footwear) and be careful!

Foods You Can Hardly Resist

You may have some idea that if you aren’t very careful with the foods you eat over the holiday season, it can lead to problems like tooth decay, which you guess will require fillings. However, what you may overlook is the fact that the consequences can become more severe if you aren’t careful! Remember that between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays, there are lots of foods you may not usually get to eat during the rest of the year, which is why it may be tempting to simply eat them! Don’t forget that very hard foods like cookies, assorted nuts, holiday brittle, and more can crack your teeth, leaving you in sudden need of dental implants! Chew wisely and choose foods with caution!

Keep Your Teeth Safe From Damage

See our team on a consistent basis, every six months, for your dental checkups! Learn all about how to keep your teeth safe from tooth loss but remember, should you need it, we offer dental implants for replacement! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.