Month: November 2017

Dental Hygiene Holiday Fun

The holidays are almost always a blast. Your dental hygiene can be fun if you decide you’re going to put forth the effort. So, why not combine this beloved time of year with your essential smile care, so you can really have a wonderful, merry time as you brush and floss your smile? It’s easier… Read more »

What Will It Take To Restore My Incomplete Smile?

When you have teeth that are missing in your smile, it can make you feel discomfort regarding your appearance. There are also many ways in which tooth loss can interfere with your dental function, and your overall oral health. Placing a prosthetic will help you feel more confident in your smile, and with proper support,… Read more »

Prosthetics: Normal Versus Abnormal

If you’re a patient who wears a prosthetic device to replace missing teeth, there are some normal sensations that you might experience. They might cause you to feel a little uneasy but the good news is, they don’t mean anything is wrong. In other cases, things will feel perfectly wonderful! Of course, there are also… Read more »

Why Become An Avid Water Drinker?

Yes, we know it is autumn and that as a result, you’re probably thinking about becoming a more fanatic hot chocolate, specialty coffee, and hot apple cider drinker. Of course, we understand your feelings. However, we also encourage you at this time of year (and every time as a matter of fact) to become a… Read more »

Quiz: What Benefits Do Dental Implants Offer?

Losing a tooth not only impacts how your smile looks, but the overall health of your smile as well. We want to help replace your missing teeth, addressing the embarrassing gap in your smile and offering you a full smile once again. We can do this using advanced implant technology. What benefits will a dental… Read more »