Month: July 2017

Wow! Celebrating 50 Years Of Service!

It’s official! We have been providing dental care for 50 years! That’s five decades! It’s two score plus ten years! How ever you’d like to break down the details, we are so excited and pleased to have been in service to the community for these many years. We would like to take a moment to recognize… Read more »

Summer: Whiter Teeth!

The sun is high in the sky. Your skin may be a bit more tan than the rest of the year. Your hair might be a shade or two lighter because of all the time in the sun. Your smile should be brighter and lighter, too! Whitening your teeth can be a relatively quick and… Read more »

Questions And Answers: Who Needs To Brush?

We know that when you’re sitting around thinking about brushing your teeth, you can come up with all manner of questions. While you may be perfectly happy to brush and floss and protect your oral health, you may still find yourself wondering about it. Does everyone need to brush, for instance? How about very young… Read more »

Tooth Loss: A Quick Quiz

If you are dealing with current tooth loss or you’re worried it might be something you’ll face in the future, you’re probably full of some questions you’d love to have answered. The best way to get answers to your specific questions about your smile is during visits with us, of course. For the time being, we… Read more »