Questions And Answers: Who Needs To Brush?

We know that when you’re sitting around thinking about brushing your teeth, you can come up with all manner of questions. While you may be perfectly happy to brush and floss and protect your oral health, you may still find yourself wondering about it. Does everyone need to brush, for instance? How about very young children? Then again, will there be a time when you can stop brushing or is this a forever thing? Let’s answer your questions, so you know what to make of dental hygiene.

Q&A: Brushing

Question: Do kids need to brush their teeth? It seems that because their teeth are going to fall out anyway that dental hygiene is probably not very important.

Answer: It is very important! Actually, even 1-year-olds with just one tooth need oral health care. You should brush very young children’s teeth for them and then ensure your children are brushing twice daily. Even though baby teeth fall out, they must remain healthy so permanent teeth that follow do not become damaged.

Question: Do I still have to brush my teeth if they’re artificial?

Answer: Whether you’re referring to dentures, crowns, implants, etc., the answer is that yes, you need to brush. Here’s why: Bacteria can negatively affect the health of every tissue in your mouth. You must keep all prosthetics clean, as well as all surfaces within your smile, to ensure your oral health stays safe.

Question: What about once I’m quite old? Aren’t my teeth just going to fall out eventually anyway?

Answer: Nope. Your teeth aren’t going to fall out due to aging. They will only fall out if you don’t care for them! So, protect your oral health with brushing (two times a day for two minutes each time), so you can keep your smile lovely and healthy.

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