Month: June 2017

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Summer is here, which means no more school for the kiddos. If you have children, summer can mean a ton of lazy days without the normal routine that school helped keep. Without that routine, your children are much more susceptible to tooth decay. Summer can also mean more parties with sugary snacks and drinks, long… Read more »

Paying For Implants: 3 Things To Ask Yourself

The realization that dental implants may work for your smile is a very exciting one. The realization that you definitely want them but aren’t sure at all how you will pay for them, well, that’s not quite as exciting. The good news is that figuring out how you’ll afford implants is not something that is difficult… Read more »

Partial Dentures: We’re Happy To Answer FAQs

It’s one thing to recognize that you need to do something about the teeth you have lost. It’s an entirely other journey, however, when you begin embarking upon the selection of the prosthetic that will best address your needs. For partial tooth loss, a common selection is the partial denture. While this might be just… Read more »

When A Bridge Isn’t For You (And What To Do)

Maybe you automatically assume that since you’re dealing with partial tooth loss, a dental bridge is what you need. In some instances, you might be correct. However, it’s also entirely possible that you’ll discover your particular case is not something we can treat with a bridge. Does that mean you’ll be without options, you wonder?… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Know Modern Dentures?

If you’ve been doing a bit of research on modern full and partial dentures, then you know that the things you think about them are probably not as accurate as you may have imagined. As a result, you might then realize that you could be overlooking a perfectly wonderful solution for your tooth loss simply… Read more »