Partial Dentures: We’re Happy To Answer FAQs

It’s one thing to recognize that you need to do something about the teeth you have lost. It’s an entirely other journey, however, when you begin embarking upon the selection of the prosthetic that will best address your needs. For partial tooth loss, a common selection is the partial denture. While this might be just what you need, you’ll have a better instinctual feeling about it by first taking a look through our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is a partial denture a replacement for my teeth that’s going to stay in place all day every day? Or, is it removable like a full denture?

Answer: A partial is removable. This means that you can place it when you need to wear it, or remove it when you choose. If you’re thinking of a fixed solution (which is something that stays in place), you’re probably envisioning a bridge.

Question: Can I replace a variety of missing teeth with a partial denture even if they are not next to one another? I know that if I want a bridge, my teeth have to be neighbors.

Answer: Of course you may! A partial is very versatile and will allow you to address most partial patterns of missing teeth. You are correct that a bridge addresses a more limited tooth loss arrangement.

Question: What if I already have a partial and though I do like it, I want implants? Do I need to get single implants or can I choose to add implant support to my type of denture?

Answer: If you like your partial denture but you’re hoping to add implants support, this is absolutely an option (just remember that we will need to modify your current partial or create a new one).

Learn About Partials At Our Practice

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