Month: March 2019

Dental Implants: 3 Reasons To Start By Learning More

You may feel like before you ever set foot in our practice to discuss dental implants with our Austin, MN team, you should either be for or against them. We understand that you may like to feel one way or another about potential treatments but when it comes to considering your tooth replacement options, we… Read more »

Getting Honest: How Well Are You Really Brushing?

There are lots of ways you might unintentionally be convincing yourself that you’re doing a stellar job with your brushing habits. However, in reality, you may be missing a step or two (or three), which can cause some confusion. You’re under the impression that your dental hygiene deserves an A+ but you may end up… Read more »

Something New In Your Mouth? Let Us Know!

We know our own mouths pretty well. That’s why when you notice a new bump, or a sore spot, it’s hard to leave it alone. Unless you are a bit of an acrobat, however, it can be hard to get a good view of exactly what’s going on. Some things are fairly simple. You may… Read more »

Want To Go Green With Your Dental Care?

Do you feel strongly about keeping the planet safe, making choices that promote a sustainable lifestyle, and you have started to realize that you’d like to make sure your smile care reflects this? If you’re curious about the ways in which you may promote a greener approach to brushing, flossing, and more, then boy do… Read more »