Oral Surgery

Patients may need oral surgery to help improve their dental health. These procedures can last less than an hour to a few hours, and we can complete them in our office. The different types of oral surgery often provided by dentists include dental implants to replace missing teeth and the roots needed to maintain your overall health and tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is usually our last resort when it comes to your dental health. It’s always better to have a full set of teeth. However, sometimes we need to remove a tooth because it poses a risk to oral health. For example, third molars (wisdom teeth) may not fully grow in and can cause damage to other teeth, your oral tissues, or your jawbone. In instances like this, it is appropriate to remove the tooth. Other issues that may require a tooth to be removed include

  • A tooth root that is cracked
  • Excessive tooth decay
  • A dislodged tooth
  • Extensive gum disease that destroys the tooth’s support system
  • Other conditions that are too extreme for restorative dental treatments

Tooth Extraction Benefits

There are several benefits that a patient may experience once a damaged tooth is removed. These include

  • Relief of dental discomfort
  • Improved bite function after replacing the extracted tooth
  • Minimized risks of damage to adjacent teeth and oral tissues
  • Decreased risk of infection to other teeth
  • The ability to move forward with a restorative treatment

Schedule an Oral Surgery With Us

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