Month: January 2019

Your Checkups: Checking It All Out!

You might have some notions about dental checkups that aren’t exactly on point, which may be why you occasionally (of frequently) decide that you’re not too worried about forgetting to schedule them. Newsflash: They’re actually extremely comprehensive, key to your continued oral health, and once you better understand that our Austin, MN team really is… Read more »

Busting Denture Myths: They Are Actually Quite Wonderful!

You may hear a lot of different things about traditional dentures! Unfortunately, especially when you’re starting to feel good about selecting them for yourself, you may find that you begin hearing negative things that don’t make you feel more optimistic about choosing them. Instead, your confidence may start to wane a bit. Since we are… Read more »

Yes, You Really Can Consider Implants, Even Though…

If you think that you’re alone in your thoughts and assumptions that certain people make prime candidates for dental implants but that you probably don’t, let us reassure you: This is a very common way of thinking! The bad news is that it’s not a very accurate line of thinking in regard to replacing teeth… Read more »

Does Your Jaw Hurt? Learn About TMJ Disorder

In addition to common concerns like tooth decay and gingivitis, there are many other things that can affect the state of your oral health, the quality of your bite’s function, and more. For example, if your jaw hurts constantly, especially when you open and close it, then the issue is likely something beyond a cavity… Read more »