Dry Mouth: A Few Very Important Things To Commit To Memory!

Dry mouth is often one of those mysteries that patients only really focus on once it happens to them! If you wake up one morning with a cottony feeling in your mouth and you notice over time that it never really goes away, this can become both frustrating and even harmful to your oral health! Before you worry that this is a permanent problem, we suggest you remain calm and consider some very helpful advice. When you are able to keep a few things our Austin, MN team explains to you on the topic in mind, you can easily address dryness and regain your healthy smile!

First: Dry Mouth May Be Due To Simple Dehydration

Allow our team to remind you that drinking water is always a good thing, it’s essential for your body and overall health, and as you are just starting to realize, it’s also essential for your oral health! When you keep drinking the water you are required to drink every day (about 64 ounces or so), you are giving your tissues what they need to thrive. When you do this, your mouth is able to receive the moisture it needs through saliva production. When you don’t, you’re short on saliva. Keep your mouth and body hydrated with the simple act of consuming sufficient water!

Second: Dry Mouth Is Dangerous For You

Yes, it’s sort of a funny feeling to experience dry mouth. However, it can quickly become harmful for your smile. Remember that what you want is a moist mouth with saliva that flows properly because this helps you maintain lower levels of bacteria, it allows you to chew easily, it allows you to taste your food, and it helps you maintain good breath. When you have dry tissues, you may have trouble with these things, which can make life difficult and your oral health not so wonderful. See us if you need assistance!

Third: We Can Help You!

As mentioned, if you need some help dealing with your dry mouth, then you should most definitely give us a call. Tell us about what’s going on with your mouth. Then, when you come in, we can help you figure out why it’s happening and what to do to get your moisture levels back on track.

Treat Dry Mouth With Our Help

Come in for a dental visit with our friendly team if you recognize that you are experiencing a dry mouth problem but cannot get it to resolve with your own efforts at home. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.