Month: January 2018

Have Implants? Don’t Do These Things.

There are some things you should not do when you have dental implants. However, though they may seem obvious to our dental team, they might not be so apparent to you! Rather than hope you figure things out as you go, we prefer to share details that can help you safeguard the wear of your… Read more »

Tongue Rings: Your Questions, Our Answers

What’s that you’ve got on your list of things you’re most excited about for this year? Have you been planning on getting a tongue ring and the time has finally come? However, is there something inside of you that’s making you stop and listen to your inner voice that says, “Your dentist might have a… Read more »

What Your Smile Needs: Time To Get Real!

Humans don’t always necessarily like to have open, honest conversations with themselves. This is particularly true when it’s time to break old habits and start some new ones. If you are well aware that it’s most certainly time to make changes that will better protect and improve your smile health but you haven’t been earnest… Read more »

Implants: Why Aren’t They In Everyone’s Mouth?

You may be wondering, as you’re thinking about how you would like to replace the teeth missing in your smile, why everyone with tooth loss doesn’t immediately sign up for implants. Of course, there are the obvious reasons (like someone’s jaw tissue simply cannot support the implant). However, the not-always-so-obvious might cause you to think… Read more »