Tongue Rings: Your Questions, Our Answers

What’s that you’ve got on your list of things you’re most excited about for this year? Have you been planning on getting a tongue ring and the time has finally come? However, is there something inside of you that’s making you stop and listen to your inner voice that says, “Your dentist might have a thing or two to say about this and your oral health?” If so, then we would like to take the time to answer any questions you may be thinking about, so you feel better (and so we know you’re educated on the details).

Questions and Answers

Question: I’ve heard that people have gone to the emergency room because of receiving a tongue ring. Is it true that a tongue can become severely swollen and obstruct respiration?

Answer: It actually is possible for a tongue ring to cause this type of reaction. It’s also possible to end up choking on a piece of your piercing should it become disassembled in your mouth.

Question: Assuming that the piercing goes well and I do not end up with serious swelling, should I be worried about other oral health related details? Will everything be okay if I keep my tongue clean?

Answer: Provided you are very serious about following instructions for post-piercing cleansing, you should heal well. However, remember that your mouth has a high bacteria population, so this adds risk.

Question: I know a metal piercing could crack a tooth. What if I choose another material? Will this make it safe for my oral health?

Answer: Remember that even non-metal piercings may irritate soft tissues, may cause sores, and can even encourage gum infection or recession due to consistent contact or friction.

Take Our Oral Piercing Advice To Heart

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