Month: September 2017

Want Implants? Check Your Schedule.

You might think that you want dental implants. You may even know a lot about the technical details regarding how placement works, the way an implant supports a restoration, and more. However, if you’re not fully filled in regarding the way choosing implants can affect your schedule, it’s high time you take a moment for… Read more »

How Implants Help With TMJ Disorder

If you end up with one missing tooth (or more), your tooth loss can actually end up leading to or contributing to TMJ disorder. Did you know this was possible? As a result, an important factor in addressing TMD is ensuring your bite is balanced by replacing missing teeth. When you begin connecting the dots,… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Smoking?

You might overlook the very long list of problems that come with smoking cigarettes and how they affect your oral health. On one hand, you have probably heard about a lot of negative things that can happen to your health over time if you choose to use tobacco. However, when you hear the details laid… Read more »

Dental Bridge Quiz: How To Care For Yours!

You know that it can’t be all that difficult to care for a dental bridge should you choose one for your smile. Right? As a matter of fact, you are correct. It’s not going to require you to perform any rare feats just to keep this tooth replacement and your smile safe and clean. To… Read more »