Month: April 2017

Tooth Replacement And Your Gag Reflex

Perhaps you sit at home just thinking and thinking about the fact that you want to replace your missing teeth. However, your overactive gag reflex always pops into your head, reminding you that even a dental cleaning leaves you gagging in response. How on earth, then, will you ever be able to come in to… Read more »

Dental Cleanings: Answering All Of Your Questions!

Do you know why you come in for dental cleanings? Are you someone who usually schedules them but sometimes skips? Perhaps you are very serious about coming in on the dot but you’re not really sure if it’s as important as you think it is. Long story short: Cleanings are indeed very important. For the… Read more »

3 Things Implants Are Not

Are you well aware that dental implants are full of benefits and can help you replace your missing teeth from root to crown? However, with all of the information you do know about implants, do you sometimes wonder if there are details you’re overlooking? To help ensure you’re sure about what you can expect from… Read more »

Keeping Dentures Safe: 3 Helpful Tips

If you follow our general guidelines for care after you receive your dentures, you should find that you have very few problems in keeping them clean. However, we are well aware that if this is a new experience for you, keeping them entirely safe may be a whole other story! Fortunately, safeguarding them is not… Read more »