Keeping Dentures Safe: 3 Helpful Tips

If you follow our general guidelines for care after you receive your dentures, you should find that you have very few problems in keeping them clean. However, we are well aware that if this is a new experience for you, keeping them entirely safe may be a whole other story! Fortunately, safeguarding them is not very difficult if you have a bit of education on your side. Consider three helpful tips that will ensure your complete smile lasts and lasts.

Tip #1: Keep Them Out Of Hot Water

You might think that dropping your dentures into hot water is a brilliant idea because hot water can sterilize things. However, this is not the best approach. Stick with our usual suggestions for cleaning them and ask for additional help if you don’t think your approach is effective. As for the hot water, it can warp these devices, so steer clear!

Tip #2: Don’t Let Them Dry Out

Don’t forget to soak your dentures overnight. If they don’t maintain their moisture, they are going to end up drying out. This will alter their shape, which may leave you in need of a replacement (even if you just got them).

Tip #3: Carry A Storage Case With You

Are you someone who wears a partial and occasionally removes it to eat certain foods? Perhaps you travel a lot and you need somewhere to store your dentures while you’re sleeping. Remember to keep a storage case with you as often as possible just in case. This will ensure you have much greater chance of keeping them around (instead of accidentally losing them or throwing them away).

Keep Dentures Safe With Top Tips From Our Team

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