Month: March 2017

Dental Bridges: 3 Reasons To Love Them

You may fancy falling in love with a lot of different things in your lifetime: A person, a painting, a vacation spot … but maybe you’ve never considered a prosthetic tooth replacement device. Well, we’re here to tell you that it might be time to consider adding a dental bridge to that list. You see,… Read more »

Q&A: When Should I Get My Filling?

You may have a lot of questions for us when you discover you have a cavity in your tooth. Of course, as you may expect, we are asked questions about dental fillings on a daily basis! Tooth decay is a very common problem, which means the placement of fillings is also quite common. We understand… Read more »

Does High Blood Pressure Cause Cavities?

Have you ever heard someone mention that high blood pressure causes cavities? While hypertension may not necessarily directly cause tooth decay on its own, if you’re someone taking medication for this particular problem then your chance of decay actually might be much greater than others. Why is this the case? It’s all about the medication… Read more »

Dental Sealants: FAQs

When you shift your focus from your own smile to that of your child’s you quickly recognize that your son or daughter’s habits aren’t quite as skillful as your own (not yet, anyway). As a result, you feel curious about what you can do to keep those teeth and gums healthy until your child catches… Read more »

Why Should I Replace My Teeth?

You might think that replacing missing teeth is something that people do only for vanity’s sake. While a complete smile certainly is more esthetically pleasing, there are some reasons to address tooth loss with prosthetics that have more to do with your emotional and oral health. Think over some short- and long-term issues that may… Read more »