Month: December 2017

Denture Resolutions Your Dentist Suggests

It’s time to ring out the old year, and ring in the new. If you are in the mood for resolutions, your dentist has some denture resolutions that are almost guaranteed to make your life better. These resolutions will work if your dentures are older, outdated or uncomfortable. Consider them also if you have been… Read more »

Achieve Your Whiter Smile In 2018

There are different ways to get that glowing grin that you want in 2018. There’s also that detail that has a little something to do with how to keep your smile bright white once you accomplish this very exciting change! So, what should you be thinking about as you approach a new year and the… Read more »

Does A Toothache Mean Cavities?

Nothing is quite as irritating and uncomfortable as a toothache. Everything from speaking to eating can suddenly be a painful experience. But does a toothache always mean you have a cavity? If you do have decay, what can we do to treat your tooth and stop your discomfort?

Big Reminder: Insurance Benefits For Your Smile

We are offering you a big reminder today! You’re going to want to take a minute to clear your mind, stop thinking about your holiday shopping, take a quick break from binge-watching your favorite show, and do the following: Take a moment to look over your dental insurance benefits. Ask yourself some very important questions…. Read more »