Month: February 2016

Can Humans Regrow Their Teeth?

Sharks do! In fact, each of the estimated 30,000 teeth that sharks lose over a lifetime regrows. How do sharks regrow their teeth, and why can’t humans? It’s all in the genes. Because sharks maintain their existence by eating, their rows and rows of teeth are of the utmost importance to their survival. The epithelial… Read more »

Listen To The Cosmos

How has life been lately? If you’re a single person are you getting a lot of dates? Are you getting more job offers than usual? Does it seem as if everyone is smiling at you? If not, maybe it’s your teeth. Do you know how powerful an esthetically pleasing smile is? Research has shown that… Read more »

Starting Them Young

Tooth decay is chronic among children in the United States. One way to avoid decay, which can lead to other oral and systemic problems, is by encouraging a lifetime of diligent oral hygiene in your children, and this is best done by starting them young. You can start getting your newborn used to dental care… Read more »

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a particularly dangerous cancer, not because it is stronger or more difficult to treat but because it often goes undetected by the patient until it has metastasized (spread). People aren’t often looking for oral cancers in their mouth. They brush and floss and gargle and that is normally the extent of their… Read more »