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Treating Your Smile With A Tooth Extraction

austin tooth extraction

With our fillings and crowns we strive to repair your teeth and preserve your smile. But sometimes, an issue arises so severe that a tooth needs to be removed to protect the rest of your smile. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will talk about how we perform a tooth extraction, and the steps… Read more »

When Is A Root Canal Right For Your Smile?

austin root canal therapy

A tooth could become decayed and experience toothaches, but lack of treatment could let an infection develop and lead to worsening symptoms. When a tooth is infected or abscessed, then treatment is necessary to avoid tooth loss and stop rising discomfort. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will discuss how we treat infections with… Read more »

Do You Need Full Or Partial Dentures?

austin dentures

When you suffer from the loss of most of your teeth, or possibly all of them, this could mean trouble with everything from eating and speaking, to managing your youthful features. To restore your smile again, you need a prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists discuss the benefits of full and partial dentures,… Read more »

Crowns Could Support A Bridge

austin crowns and bridges

If you have cracked or chipped teeth, or severe cavities or infection, then you may need a dental restoration. If you have missing teeth, then these restorations could be used to support a prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will discuss how we use crowns to support a dental bridge.

Our Fillings Look Natural And Stop Discomfort

austin dental fillings

When you have a cavity, this could lead to eventual toothaches. To avoid worsening pain and tooth loss, you need to undergo treatment. Instead of metal, our team could offer a natural-looking dental filling. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will talk about how we treat cavities, and when you should see us for… Read more »

What To Expect From Your Cavity Treatment

The work you put into caring for your teeth will keep you safe from problems that demand restorative dental work. Brushing, flossing, cutting sugar, and seeing your dentist regularly will help you avoid trouble with decay that puts your oral health in jeopardy. If you do find yourself in need of restorative treatment because of… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile With A Tooth Extraction

While our crowns and fillings are meant to treat issues and preserve your tooth, sometimes to protect your smile from discomfort and major complications, you may need an extraction. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will discuss the benefits of an extraction, and how we make sure the procedure is comfortable.

Will Implant Dentures Improve My Smile?

Everyone likes a sure thing, but there’s not a lot in life that can be guaranteed. However, the decision to get implant dentures in Austin, MN has very few downsides, and a consultation appointment can help us establish with you whether the solidly anchored and attractive option of implant dentures is right for you. If… Read more »

Tooth Replacement With Our Crowns/Bridges

When you lose one tooth, or up to three in a row, then you may benefit from a prosthetic. Replacing your missing teeth prevents major complications, and ensures you continue to smile with confidence. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will explain how we replace missing teeth with a custom-made set of crowns and… Read more »

What Complications Will A Root Canal Prevent?

When you develop an infected or abscessed tooth, this could lead to serious complications for your smile, from bad breath to toothaches or even tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentist will explain how we treat infection with a root canal, and what complications treatment could help you avoid.