Replace Your Missing Or Damaged Teeth

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Having gaps in your smile as a kid may be cute, but as an adult, you may feel less confident and even begin to notice health implications. Thankfully, you do not have to live with missing teeth. At your Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN, we have methods to make your smile whole again. In today’s blog, we are here to discuss how bridges and crowns can help you.

Repairing A Damaged Tooth

We know our patients do their best to take care of their pearly whites. When you suffer from an injury that damages your tooth, it can be stressful. Whether it has been minorly chipped or severely cracked, we can help restore it to its original health with a crown.

Essentially, a dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that goes over the top of your natural tooth. A crack in your tooth can continue to spread, so it is important to protect the structure from further damage. Crowns are made in a way that can sustain pressure from biting, chewing, and speaking. This is also long-lasting, so you can enjoy a natural-appearing, strong smile for several years before replacement.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat your favorite foods and can change the way you speak. It can even change the alignment of your dentition and cause other teeth to become loose. If you have one or more gaps in your smile, a bridge may be able to help. This restoration is held in place by the surrounding natural teeth. Due to its design, your bridge will blend in naturally with your smile. It is also a permanent replacement, so you will not need to remove it to clean or eat.

Other Options Available

There are other prosthetic options to achieve a full grin again. Dentures can replace a row of missing teeth if necessary. Traditional dentures will be adhered to with dental-grade glue and can be taken out daily to clean. There is also the option for

If you are looking for an option that is secure and long-lasting, implants are also a great solution. With this, a post is implanted into your jawbone. This will naturally fuse to the bone to secure it in place. Then a crown is placed on top of an abutment. The crown blends in with your smile and helps assist in the function of your mouth. To find out what option is right for you, speak with your dentist about restorations and prosthetics.

Learn More About Bridges And Crowns Today

Having a full smile again has endless benefits. To find out if crowns or bridges are a good option for you, call the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic at (507) 437-6312.