Month: September 2019

Don’t Forget To Use Your Insurance Benefits!

You have likely looked up recently and realized that somehow, summer has ended and we’ve already stepped our way into fall. While you may define this time of year with lots of warm memories and excitement about the festive times to come, our Austin, MN practice wants to ensure you’re also keeping sight of some… Read more »

Acid Erosion! Why It’s An Enemy To Consider! 

You may hear quite frequently that you need to be careful about eating too much sugar because it’s bad for your teeth. You hear that you should be careful with acidic foods and beverages as well because … they’re bad for your teeth. Even though you can say with certainty that these things can damage… Read more »

4 Questions (And Answers) About Canker Sores

Oh, no! Yesterday, your mouth felt perfectly fine, just like it usually does. However, today, you’ve got a bit of a gnawing ulcer in your mouth, known by the common name we all know as canker sore. It’s not something you want to deal with but once it arrives, it’s certainly going to make its… Read more »

Cavity Talk: Get Back To The Original Basics

Remember when you were a kid and you were told just what you had to do to avoid cavities? However, here you are, a grown up and you realize you are dealing with tooth decay, as you wonder what you’re doing wrong and what you could be doing right? Instead of feeling like you must… Read more »