4 Questions (And Answers) About Canker Sores

Oh, no! Yesterday, your mouth felt perfectly fine, just like it usually does. However, today, you’ve got a bit of a gnawing ulcer in your mouth, known by the common name we all know as canker sore. It’s not something you want to deal with but once it arrives, it’s certainly going to make its presence known, which leaves you feeling curious in all sorts of ways. Have some questions you would really love for our Austin, MN team to answer for you? Let’s get going!

#1: Why Is This Happening?

One of the first questions we often receive from patients about canker sores is why they occur in the first place. Is there some way to completely avoid them again in the future, you’d really like to know? Well, not necessarily. But maybe! The truth is, the actual “why” behind the formation of these sores isn’t completely understood just yet. There’s a good chance it’s related to high stress levels, to minor injury of your tissues, to aggressive oral care, and even to eating foods that your body finds far too spicy. So, do your best to pay attention to possible culprits for your smile to prevent them from occurring again.

#2: Should I Put Something On It?

It’s up to you. We remind you that you should definitely do all that you can to avoid contact with the canker sore, unless necessary, so you do not cause additional irritation. In order to get it to heal, you can usually simply leave that up to your body. As for the comfort factor, to improve things, a dab of oral numbing gel may do the trick. Just be gentle!

#3: Is It The Same As A Cold Sore?

Nope. They’re completely different concerns. The canker sore will occur in your mouth, will be an ulcer, and is not contagious.

#4: What If It Gets Worse Instead Of Better?

Fortunately, if you leave the area alone and you don’t press on it with your tongue, you can usually expect for the sore to heal and clear up on its own. As a result, it’s not likely that it will get worse. However, if you do notice that the canker sore becomes bigger, more uncomfortable, or just hangs around for much longer than you expected, then it is simply time to call our team. We will set a dental visit up for you, so we may offer you clarification and ensure we guide you toward oral health that’s right back on track.

Learn More About Your Smile With Us

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