Month: February 2017

Will I Be Able To Maintain My Implants?

You might think that your whole world is going to change once you receive dental implants. On one hand, it is (and for the better). You will be able to eat what you like, speak without hesitation, and you won’t need to worry about the stability of your smile. On the other hand, very little… Read more »

Dentures: 3 Details About Candidacy

  If you are thinking that it’s definitely time to do something about the missing teeth in your smile and you’ve been assuming either full or partial dentures will work for you, you’re certainly headed in the correct direction. Fortunately, dentures are extremely versatile and accessible, thanks to being considered a budget-friendly prosthetic solution and… Read more »

Important Dental Implant Terms!

How much do you know about dental implant placement, recovery, and the overall process? If you have a general understanding that you can replace your entire tooth but you don’t know much more, you may quickly find yourself up against some slightly confusing jargon. To avoid a sudden standstill in your research, we suggest you… Read more »

Dental Bridge Questions: Am I A Candidate?

The good news is that we offer dental bridges to help you restore your smile after tooth loss comes in and takes away a tooth (or two, or three). The not so wonderful news might be that you think you want a bridge but you don’t really know much about candidacy. As a result, instead… Read more »