Will I Be Able To Maintain My Implants?

You might think that your whole world is going to change once you receive dental implants. On one hand, it is (and for the better). You will be able to eat what you like, speak without hesitation, and you won’t need to worry about the stability of your smile. On the other hand, very little will change when we’re talking about caring for your smile. Let us give you a quick rundown of what maintenance will look like, so you can relax and continue smiling.

You’ll Brush

Yes, you’re going to keep brushing your smile in the same manner we always suggest for you. You may use a manual or electric toothbrush but only with soft bristles (no change here!). You’ll need to brush your smile two times a day for about two minutes each time to make sure your smile is nice and clean (and healthy).

You’ll Floss

Again, there’s no big change here. You’re going to need to keep flossing once every single day. This is just as important for the success of your dental implants as it is for your natural teeth. We will show you how to make flossing around implants easy, so you can glide through dental hygiene without any obstacles.

You’ll Come In

It will still be just as important that you see us twice every year for your dental exams and your dental cleanings. No more frequently, just every six months as always! See? Pretty much just what you’ve already been doing only with dental implants in place.


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