Month: September 2016

Quiz: Can A Common Cold Cause Cavities?

When we come down with something like the common cold, our focus shifts entirely to feeling better and getting back to our daily lives. Unfortunately, this can bring with it some amount of a negative impact to one’s oral health. When you’re feeling under the weather, your attention to dental hygiene may fall by the… Read more »

3 Tips For Tongue Cleaning Success

Have you recently been informed that you should be cleaning your tongue during your dental hygiene sessions? Did this evoke an expression from you that was far from a smile? If so, we understand that such a recommendation can sound somewhat foreign to you if it’s not something you’re accustomed to. In response to this knowledge, we have… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Important Facts

It’s the oral health problem that nobody is very interested in thinking about but that can become quite devastating when overlooked. Oral cancer is certainly not a light topic but there’s some good information to be gathered that can help you feel confident about caring for your mouth. Ready for that good news right away?… Read more »

What’s A Crown And Why Do I Need One?

Uncertain about this restorative treatment we keep referring to (and insisting you need)? Don’t worry. We understand that upon your initial introduction to a new treatment, you might not feel completely sure about what’s happening. When it comes to the need for a dental crown, you likely have something at least moderately serious happening with… Read more »

Q&A: Protection Against Gum Disease

As you may have noticed, maintaining your oral health does not rely only on your ability to keep your teeth healthy but also on your dedication to the upkeep of your gum tissue. When you neglect certain aspects of care, gum disease may occur. This is an issue that can affect the health of your… Read more »