3 Tips For Tongue Cleaning Success

Have you recently been informed that you should be cleaning your tongue during your dental hygiene sessions? Did this evoke an expression from you that was far from a smile? If so, we understand that such a recommendation can sound somewhat foreign to you if it’s not something you’re accustomed to. In response to this knowledge, we have gathered up a few helpful tips that will make this process much easier than you might have imagined.

Tip #1: Remember The Benefits

Maybe you have never included brushing your tongue as a part of your dental hygiene habits, so you feel a little put out that you have to do this … every day, no less. For a successful (and maybe even enjoyable) experience, we encourage you to focus on the benefits of this necessity, including:

  • It literally takes seconds
  • It will help promote a mouth that doesn’t develop problems like decay
  • It offers exceptional protection against bad breath

Tip #2: Brush Back To Front

Brushing your tongue is incredibly simple, so try to avoid the urge to do anything too complicated. Remember to use only gentle pressure, starting at the back of your tongue. With your wet toothbrush that still has toothpaste on it, begin sweeping the brush along your tongue toward its tip. This is all it takes to remove food and bacteria during dental hygiene sessions.

Tip #3: Skip The Brush, Try The Scraper

Can’t stomach the feeling of a brush on your tongue? You’re like a lot of people! However, you’re not off the hook. To keep your tongue clean, purchase a tongue scraper/cleaner. It sounds rough but it’s actually completely smooth. It happens to be inexpensive and extremely effective, too.


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