Month: May 2018

How Aggressive Dental Hygiene Hurts You

You might think that when you’re cleaning anything, the best thing to do is give it your all! While we agree when it comes to effort, we cannot exactly agree if we’re talking about force. You shouldn’t use much pressure with dental hygiene. You should, however, be quite gentle and thorough! Why is this, you… Read more »

Bleeding Gums: 3 Details You’ve Got To Know

Usually, you go into the bathroom, you brush, you floss, and you’re done. There’s nothing much to worry about, as long as you’re completing your dental hygiene! However, let’s say one day, you amble into the bathroom and as you’re caring for your smile, your gums begin to bleed! As a result, your first thought… Read more »

Don’t Give Up On Flossing: 3 Reasons Why

You may feel that you’re about to give up on flossing altogether. While you have heard us repeat over and over that it’s key to effective dental hygiene, you might think we are a little bit crazy because of two things: It’s proven very difficult for you to get through and there’s nothing about it… Read more »

What Can I Expect From My Dental Filling?

You may find yourself coming up with lots of questions in your mind as you’re thinking about dental fillings. If you come in for your tooth-colored filling, though you know it will look very good, is it going to be something you can easily protect? Is it going to last? What about the rumors you… Read more »