2 Interesting Details About Using Electric Toothbrushes

If you’ve started thinking that you may wish to use an electric toothbrush to help cleanse and protect your smile, then you may be like a lot of other patients who still feel a bit unsure. Are your reasons good enough, you wonder? Is this type of brush actually a bad idea or dangerous for your oral health? Consider some interesting details that will help you recognize that “going electric” can be quite beneficial in many ways (and you’re free to give this brush a try).

#1: They’re Actually Good For Gum Recession

You may assume that since electric toothbrushes seem so powerful that they’re probably too strong for your smile, especially if you have gum recession. The opposite is true! This type of brush only requires you to gently hold it and guide it against your teeth. Since you recognize how much cleansing it’s doing, it’s easy to ease up with your approach. The pressure will be off but the plaque removal you need will be excellent, yielding the gentle but thorough care your gums require to remain healthy, instead of receding further.

#2: They Give You A Break

You may think that electric toothbrushes look heavy and may be difficult to use. The truth is, there are some very lightweight models out there and they actually give you a break. If you’re someone who has any type of physical limitations, an injury, or your muscles become fatigued when you brush, remember: You’re not moving this brush back and forth. It’s moving itself. You’re just directing it and moving it over your teeth (and it happens to produce many more strokes than you’re able to create).

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