Month: September 2018

TMJ Problems: Keep These Halloween Tips Handy

During most of the year, taking care of your smile isn’t too difficult. Caring for your TMJ disorder when you find out that it’s affecting you isn’t too tall an order either! However, when certain days like Halloween roll around, it can present you with some challenges you don’t necessarily know how to deal with…. Read more »

Reminder: Implants Aren’t High Maintenance At All

You might think that since dental implants require so much time to receive and since they are valued as offering so many exceptional details for your smile, they’re probably going to be super high maintenance. Right? Well. No. Not at all! Actually, as one would hope from a prosthetic that is touted as a solution… Read more »

Your Toothache: 4 Actions You Can Take Right Now

Oh, no! You have a toothache, which we can say with confidence absolutely nobody out there enjoys. If this is new to you or you’re simply feeling like you’re not sure what to do this time around, we remind you that there’s a lot you can do! You can quickly reduce the discomfort and follow… Read more »

Things that Lead to Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is often considered a worst-case scenario when it comes to protecting your smile. Generally, the goal is to preserve your healthy, natural teeth by taking care of them and preventing serious issues from occurring. However, for many patients in Austin, MN, there are several different potential causes of tooth loss that aren’t always… Read more »