Your Toothache: 4 Actions You Can Take Right Now

Oh, no! You have a toothache, which we can say with confidence absolutely nobody out there enjoys. If this is new to you or you’re simply feeling like you’re not sure what to do this time around, we remind you that there’s a lot you can do! You can quickly reduce the discomfort and follow some steps that will help you feel relaxed and prepped to solve the issue. Take a stroll through our Austin, MN team’s advice and your smile will be all better in no time.

#1: Take Something

Whether you have a cavity that needs a filling, an infection, some irritation, or anything else, one thing is certain: Your toothache doesn’t feel very good. Since there’s no reason to sit at home suffering until you see our team, we give you the go ahead to take a pain relief pill (you can find something at your local drugstore) to make the discomfort manageable.

#2: Give Yourself A Quick Pep Talk

Take a moment to give yourself a quick talk if you’re feeling agitated. Remember: We are just a phone call from you. We are here to take your call, to set up a visit for you, to examine your smile, to tell you what’s wrong, and to fix it! There’s nothing to panic about. A solution will be delivered to you very soon!

#3: Call Our Team

About that solution: You’re only going to receive it if you actually call us, schedule a visit with our team to check out your toothache, and then come in. It’s as simple as that.

#4: Deem It Untouchable (Outside Of Preventive Care)

If your tooth really, really hurts, what you don’t want is to cause any more aggravation. So, aside from making sure that you’re carefully and gently brushing it and flossing around it (you must always remain dedicated to your preventive care!), we encourage you to completely leave it untouched. Of course, your investigative nature, which is common to us all, will cause you to want to touch it, figure out what’s wrong, and more. The best action to take right now, however, is to take no action at all when it comes to making contact with it. Simply wait to see our team!

Let Us Know ASAP When You Have A Toothache

Does your tooth hurt? Let us know about your toothache right away, so we can fix the issue, address any existing disease or problem, and send you home smiling! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.