Month: May 2016

What Does Sensitivity Mean?

Oh no! You feel a quick jolt of discomfort in your tooth – what can it mean? Understandably, dealing with any type of sudden sensitivity can result in some serious concern. Your smile that you once paid little attention to (except for remembering to brush, floss, etc.) suddenly has you thinking something serious must be… Read more »

Q&A: Is Your Oral Health A Priority?

Are you tired of feeling guilty about neglecting your oral health because dental care is something you know you are “supposed to do?” However, you don’t really know whether it makes a difference, so you need a bit of motivational advice? Let’s explore the idea of making your smile your priority with a helpful Q&A session.

Gum Disease: Who Is At Risk?

Are you under the impression that certain people are at risk for gum disease but others are not? The truth is that every single person is vulnerable to this problem. However, some are more predisposed to the development of periodontal concerns than others. Before we go any further, let’s make one important distinction: No matter… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: The Basics

Are you interested in teeth whitening because your smile is anything but vibrant (but you don’t know much about this cosmetic treatment)? No problem. Taking the first step toward seeking out a solution for your smile is all that is required for you to begin this exciting journey. As for the specifics of whitening, we… Read more »