Teeth Whitening: The Basics

Are you interested in teeth whitening because your smile is anything but vibrant (but you don’t know much about this cosmetic treatment)? No problem. Taking the first step toward seeking out a solution for your smile is all that is required for you to begin this exciting journey. As for the specifics of whitening, we encourage you to become familiar with the basics. Then, contact us for a visit and we will provide you with cosmetic plans personalized to your one-of-a-kind smile.

Who Qualifies For Teeth Whitening?

Many patients qualify for whitening. In general, if you are dealing with primarily superficial staining that is not deep or caused by trauma – and you wish to whiten your natural teeth (not prostheses) then you are on track toward being a good candidate. Remember, however, that if whitening is not for you, we will offer an alternative.

Types Of Whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening systems. We will help you select the system that is best suited for your needs and your schedule. This may include either in-office whitening, which will require a little more than an hour of your time – or, it will include take-home whitening, which allows you to whiten on your own schedule for approximately two weeks.

How To Proceed

Do you think it’s time to find out if teeth whitening is for you? If you are tired of dealing with your stained or generally lackluster grin, all it takes is calling us to set up a cosmetic consultation. We will examine your smile, ask questions about what you would like to achieve for your grin, and then present you with options that may include teeth whitening or another approach toward brighter teeth.


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