Month: April 2018

Reminder: Important Benefits Dental Implants Offer You!

As you’ve likely gathered as you poke around in the world of tooth replacements for your smile, dental implants are touted as having oh so many benefits for you and your oral health. Though the immediate presentation of a treatment that’s known as extremely advantageous can be appealing, you would (of course) like some evidence… Read more »

Dental Care: Helping You Do The Things You Dislike

When you just don’t like certain aspects of your home dental care, you end up potentially missing out on the essential benefits they provide for you. Unfortunately, you may not have a comprehensive understanding of the fact that even little things that you leave out or do incorrectly can end up having quite a significant… Read more »

Things You Forget That Benefit Your Smile

There are some things that you might simply skip sometimes because you don’t feel like it. Then, there are things you completely forget to do, often because they have not yet become routine. When this comes up in the context of caring for your smile health, little oopsie moments can leave your smile more vulnerable… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Talking Myths And Facts

As with anything that seems fantastic, there will be some truth out there that you can easily get your hands on … and then there will be some myths. When we’re talking about teeth whitening, you can expect just the same. The problem arises when you aren’t sure what’s real, what’s not, and it affects… Read more »