Things You Forget That Benefit Your Smile

There are some things that you might simply skip sometimes because you don’t feel like it. Then, there are things you completely forget to do, often because they have not yet become routine. When this comes up in the context of caring for your smile health, little oopsie moments can leave your smile more vulnerable to disease and problems. What types of things might you be forgetting about, you wonder? Covering some common instances will help (and, of course, we can check in with you with a more comprehensive list during your next visit).

Forgetting To Floss

If you’re forgetting to floss, your smile health is definitely losing out! While your teeth may feel and look very clean, you’re missing lots of plaque and debris that gets trapped between your teeth and that rests under your gum tissue. Over time, it hardens and continues to build up. You will eventually deal with bad breath, between-the-teeth decay, gingivitis, and more. Remember to floss, so none of these consequences occur.

Forgetting To Rinse Or Brush Your Mouthguard

If you wear a mouthguard, whether it’s for athletic protection, bruxism, TMJ, or otherwise, remember that it becomes coated in bacteria when you wear it. In order to use it and to protect your smile health along the way, remember that keeping it safe by cleaning it before you use it and again afterwards is a must!

Forgetting To Think Before You Bite

Don’t forget to take a look at what you’re about to eat before you actually eat it. If it’s too hard, cut it first or choose another food. If the bite is too big, break it down first. If it’s too chewy, skip it. If you think it’s too hot and can burn your mouth, practice a bit of patience! These are easy tips for protecting your smile health.

Keep Your Smile Safe With Our Simple Reminders

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