Month: August 2017

What Happens After My Extraction Is Over?

Sometimes, the answer to your oral health dilemma is the removal of your tooth through a tooth extraction. While you may fully understand the benefits of this decision and understand the need, you may still require some more information from our team. In many cases, the stress of coming in for an extraction for our… Read more »

Osseointegration Quiz: Let’s See What You Know!

Are you at all familiar with the process that allows dental implant placement and wear to actually work? If so, you have heard of osseointegration. While you may have a general idea of what it permits, that does not necessarily equate to a detailed understanding. We would love for you to take a quick quiz… Read more »

Bad Breath: Clear It Up Quick!

How’s your breath doing these days? Is it pretty bad? You know that if you’re eating foods that are known to cause bad breath, this is the first stop on your journey toward recovering a mouth that is not releasing embarrassing fumes. Once you check that off of your list, if you find that the… Read more »

Implant Q&A: Daily Life Details

When you replace your missing teeth, one of the issues you’re focused on is ensuring you’re making decisions that will help your daily quality of life skyrocket back to its original state that you enjoyed before tooth loss. When you’re thinking that dental implants may make the grade, it can be difficult to determine the… Read more »

Quiz: Where To Seek Dental Implant Info?

Have you been hesitantly poking around online, not sure where to look for information on dental implants? If so, we’re glad we caught you before you made it any further into your newly beginning research. Fortunately, getting the essential info and the details you need about implants for your smile is no major task. We… Read more »