Osseointegration Quiz: Let’s See What You Know!

Are you at all familiar with the process that allows dental implant placement and wear to actually work? If so, you have heard of osseointegration. While you may have a general idea of what it permits, that does not necessarily equate to a detailed understanding. We would love for you to take a quick quiz to find out how much you’ve learned so far (and to learn even more, if there are any details you’ve yet to pick up).

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Osseointegration is a process that takes approximately three days to complete.
  2. True or False: This process is what happens when the titanium of your dental implant begins to fuse with the tissue of your jawbone. Essentially, these two materials bond together, allowing your replacement roots to become extremely stable.
  3. True or False: Your body will not reject your implant post like it might some other type of foreign object.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Osseointegration occurs over the course of several months in most instances. This will begin after only a few weeks but will take more time until the process is finished.
  2. True. This process is the main mechanism that allows dental implants to do what they do: Offer stable support for a restoration, while providing you with a complete tooth replacement.
  3. True. Fortunately, your body is not going to view the implant as a bad foreign object that requires rejection. Instead, because titanium is biocompatible (this just means it isn’t going to cause any damage to your natural, living tissues), it will be just fine.

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