Receiving Advanced Tooth Replacement

Tooth loss can impact several aspects of your daily life, from your readiness to smile to your ability to eat and communicate with ease. In order to offer a strong and long-lasting tooth replacement option, we’re proud to provide our patients with dental implants. These replacement teeth look and function like natural teeth, offering a long-lasting and durable prosthetic. Read on to find out what placing an implant involves.

Planning and Placement

First, we will examine your smile to make sure you have enough jawbone tissue to support the dental implant. We will also look for the presence of periodontitis, the most advanced stage of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss (and dental implant failure). Next, if you’re a viable candidate, we will choose the best area to place the implant post. Finally, an oral surgeon will insert the post into your jawbone.


After being placed, the area will need to heal. Since the implant is made from a biocompatible titanium material, it will fuse with the jawbone. Known as osseointegration, this process allows the post to act as a new tooth root, offering stability and a reduced risk of facial collapse.

Restoration and Maintenance

After the healing period, which can last between three to six months, you will return to the office. For a single tooth replacement, we will add an abutment that holds a custom dental crown in place. If you’re receiving a prosthetic, we will attach the final denture or bridge. We will then explain how to care for your new tooth to help ensure it lasts a lifetime.

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