Implant Q&A: Daily Life Details

When you replace your missing teeth, one of the issues you’re focused on is ensuring you’re making decisions that will help your daily quality of life skyrocket back to its original state that you enjoyed before tooth loss. When you’re thinking that dental implants may make the grade, it can be difficult to determine the effect they will have on your day-to-day existence. That is, until you come in for a visit, during which we will answer all of your questions! Get yourself headed in the right direction with our Q&A session and then come on in for a consultation soon.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it going to be difficult to speak after I receive dental implants? I’m worried I will feel like my smile is just full of artificial material.

Answer: It’s not going to be difficult at all. Of course, your implants and restorations may feel a bit foreign for just a moment. However, since they so closely replicate natural teeth (and because the human body is quick to adapt), you’ll be used to them in no time.

Question: What’s going to happen to my diet? Is it going to go back to the way it was when I still had a full smile of natural teeth or do I need to be extra cautious?

Answer: Your diet is going to return to its previous level of diversity. You will not have to worry but may go ahead and eat the foods you enjoyed before tooth loss. (Of course, we say this with the assumption that you make wise choices that don’t place your teeth in harm’s way).

Question: Will I feel confident about the appearance of my smile once I have dental implants in place? I keep worrying that the esthetics won’t match up with the other benefits I have heard so much about.

Answer: Your smile will look like your own. As a result, you can feel completely confident about your appearance when you choose dental implants.

Come In To Learn More About Your Smile With Implants

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