Advanced Dental Implants

Most prosthetic dental options, like dental bridges and partial/full dentures only replace the top parts of your teeth, known as the crowns. To replace lost teeth’s roots, patients often choose to support their replacement teeth on one or more dental implants. The small, titanium posts are surgically placed into your jawbone, which bonds to the implants as it heals. Once secured, dental implants support replacement teeth with the stability of your natural teeth, and can help stimulate your jawbone to maintain its steady supply of necessary nutrients. At Potach and Mitchell Dental, we perform every phase of dental implants, from placing the posts to restoring your implants with a lifelike prosthesis, all under one roof!

The Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Dental implant posts are biocompatible; your jawbone accepts them and fuses to their surfaces, making the implant posts a permanent part of your oral anatomy (much like natural teeth roots).
  • One of the more noticeable advantages of dental implants is stability. When secured to implant posts, your dental bridge or denture will not shift and move around as traditional appliances often do.
  • When you bite and chew with dental implants, the posts stimulate your jawbone, which promotes a healthy flow of nutrients. Keeping your jawbone strong reduces the risks of future tooth loss due to jawbone deterioration (which is common following the loss of your teeth’s roots).
  • Caring for dental implant restorations is as simple as caring for your healthy natural teeth; be sure to brush and floss carefully at least twice a day, and to schedule and attend every exam and cleaning appointment that your dentist recommends.

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