Q&A: Is Your Oral Health A Priority?

Are you tired of feeling guilty about neglecting your oral health because dental care is something you know you are “supposed to do?” However, you don’t really know whether it makes a difference, so you need a bit of motivational advice? Let’s explore the idea of making your smile your priority with a helpful Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Oral Health

Question: I know it is essential that I make my dental health a priority but I have trouble remembering to schedule visits. Can you offer any advice for getting on a more committed path?

Answer: Of course. We encourage you to organize and plan – this will not take much time. Sit down for 10 minutes or so. Write a list of the dental hygiene products you need next time you visit the store. Then, open your phone and set a reminder or two for your brushing and flossing sessions – an alarm letting you know it’s time to brush will help a lot. Then, give us a call if you don’t already have an appointment on the books for your next checkup and cleaning.

Question: Is it really a big deal if I don’t keep up with preventive care until I’m older? There’s always restorative care, right?

Answer: You can always visit us for restorations when necessary. However, there’s not always a quick fix for problems. Keep in mind that choosing to neglect your oral health can lead not only to cavities but to problems like infection and tooth loss. Protect your teeth and gums now to save money and avoid future complications.

Question: Can you give me any tips for what I’m doing at home the next time I visit you? I don’t think my technique is too spot on.

Answer: Yes, of course! Your dental checkups are the ideal time to speak with us about dental hygiene. We will provide you with specific instructions regarding how to best care for your oral health.


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